greater understanding

Sometimes beauty is brighter on a shadowed background.

This isn’t a new idea. But it struck me that sometimes God shows me things that I would normally overlook by first making me aware of the troublesome or difficult aspects of my life.

I can understand rest only after an exhausting week.

I can see goodness in my daughter’s heart after she’s told me yet another story about the mean boys at school.

I recognize safety and rescue after I hear a horrible story on the news.

Love and affection mean more to me after an argument.

We all have to engage in a bit of beach combing if we are to survive. But we can’t wait until it rains to notice the beauty of the sea shells.

We have to walk carefully and collect them, hold them sandy and cold in our hands. We have to watch for the goodness because it won’t find us unless we look.

~ Sarah Markley


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