an imitative faith

This book has become a mentor. I stumbled upon it in a Young Life camp’s bookstore many years ago, have read it two dozen times or more, and own at least three copies. (Pretty sure Teal still has one. Hint, hint.) I love this book. The authors compose a list of nine values of spiritual mentoring from their study of historic and classical writings on spiritual direction:

Spiritual Mentoring:
•    Provides an effective means of enhancing intimacy with God
•    Cultivates recognition of the already-present action of God in the life of the mentoree
•    Aids in the discernment of God’s will
•    Is a highly effective means for character and value formation
•    Facilitates ultimate identity discovered as a loved and accepted child of God
•    Is a necessity for the journey of faith
•    Provides clarity and guidance for decisions and service for one’s life
•    Is a source of encouragement, courage, and hope
•    Is rooted in the teaching of the church and of biblical truth

My favorite question: What might God want you to hear in the events of your life?


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