Holy Spirit – The Person, The Fruit, & The Gifts

I believe the Holy Spirit is of the very same nature as God the Father and God the Son. The Holy Spirit is the limit of activity, who works not of himself, but from both the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the agent who produces regeneration. I believe the Spirit is given by the Father, but he is also received by the individual (Luke 11:13; John 7:39; Acts 19:2; Rom. 8:15) I am now a temple of the Holy Spirit.

I believe Jesus was directed by the Holy Spirit into the desert where temptation took place. (Matt. 4:1; Luke 4:1-2) Therefore, I believe in a growing implementation of the Holy Spirit’s presence. I believe the Holy Spirit’s role includes empowering (John 14:12), indwelling (John 14:16-17), illuminating sin (John 16:8-11), glorifying Jesus (John 16:13-14), teaching (John 14:26), interceding (Rom. 8:26-27), and sanctifying (Rom. 8:15-17). The Holy Spirit counsels us, dwells within us, and seals our salvation. (Eph. 1) I believe the work of the Holy Spirit is the production of a likeness of Christ.

I believe spiritual gifts are given to every believer to edify the body of Christ, his church. I believe these gifts are to be used in ministry to the church and to the world. I believe no one person has all of the spiritual gifts nor is any one of the gifts given to all persons. (1 Cor. 12:14-21, 28-30) I believe all gifts are equally important.

I believe the fruit of the Spirit should be distinguished from the gifts of the Spirit, but never to be absent in their exercise. I believe it is the Holy Spirit who produces Christ’s character in believers, and the presence of fruit is indicative of the work of the Holy Spirit.


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