Song #2 for Mega-Bride

I’m inserting the pictures from the actual rehearsal dinner. Megan’s face was PRICELESS as we sang three songs for her.

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When a Meinen loves a Megan
He’d fly all over the world
Cause he knows that she’s
Into outdoor adventuring
And see this Meinen loves a Megan
As much as cold tater salad
We hope that she agrees
With his ecclesiastic philosophies

Well, this Meinen loves a Megan
He gave her a shiny ring
Tryin’ to make her his gorgeous bride
And now , now it’s the wedding!

When a Megan loves a Meinen
She’ll squeak with more intensity
Just cause he walked in the room

And yes, this Megan loves her Meinen
You can see it in her face
When their riding tandem
at the right pace

Well, when Megan becomes a Meinen.
There’ll be banana bread everyday.
The’ll end up making a perfect family
And now it’s the wedding day!


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