my person

“Are we not like two volumes of one book?” ~ Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

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I may not know the feeling of getting dressed for my wedding, or what it’s like to be a mom, or how long each day’s wait can seem for my husband to arrive home from work, but I know rich friendship.

I know trust because of vulnerability.

I know joy’s exhaustion.

I know the privilege of carrying burdens.

I know that “greater love” that Jesus spoke of in John 15.

Because Heather is my friend.


2 thoughts on “my person

  1. heather bland says:

    I am so grateful to God for you.
    Your intelligence, courage, strength, perseverance, fun, honesty, discernment, trust, hope and friendship.
    How blessed am I to call you friend?!
    less than three.

  2. Avery Snipes says:

    fav post so far. hands down. slash i didnt know that was heathaaaa. oh my gosh tearing up duhhz i am a mess

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