living epistles

The Word became flesh. He was, as it were, a visual aid to reveal the nature of his Father.

He didn’t just talk about love; he loved. Sinners considered him their friend.

He didn’t just preach on forgiveness; he forgave. And sinful, guilt-riddened people fell at his feet, forgiven and cleansed.

He didn’t start a Bible institute and establish a chair of theology in his Father’s name; he invited men to live with him twenty-four hours a day. His strategy was to become flesh and live among them.

You may think his strategy is risky but…

God has designed your relationships with other Christians as the primary context in which his nature surfaces and becomes tangible and observable. Not many non-believers are reading the revelation of God’s grace revealed in Scripture. Many are reading the revelation of God revealed in your life and relationships.

Like it or not, Scripture calls us “living epistles,” read as a book by all men. We are “Bible translators” for people.

~ Joe Aldrich, Lifestyle Evangelism


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