Ever slept for 14 hours straight?  I just did.

You see, I’m an INFP, and this week was my enemy.

Our biannual event called Discover ended yesterday. It’s an opportunity for prospective students to visit and spend time learning about academics and student life here. It’s a fast-pace, non-stop schedule for. four. days. Forget the feeling of being run over by a truck. On Day 2, after 4 hours of sleep, it felt like I woke up with a truck still on my face.

Chalk up another lie that I believe: God is most pleased with extroversion.

Did you know that, in a 2004 psychological study, students at a Christian college were asked to rate Jesus according to the profiles of the Myers-Briggs? Care to guess the results of the survey? 97 percent said that Jesus was an Extrovert, and 87 percent rated him as a Feeler.

After 10 months of serving as Director of Admissions, God continues to bring me to acceptance of my introvert identity. As an introvert, I want to be like the alleged extroverted Jesus. But I am quickly wearied by crowds and apprehensive of being up front or on a stage. Even in writing that sentence, I’m discouraged… because of my own extroversion bias. I will never stand before an audience without nervousness or with eloquence (as evidenced throughout Discover this week). I often feel selfish because I relish times of solitude, reflection, and personal study. I find satisfaction in depth of relationship and conversation. And I am not an extrovert.

Lord, you created my inmost being. You know me. I’m your child who’s learning to square her own temperament as an INFP.


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