My dear friend, Soojin, recently participated in the Lausanne Conference in Cape Town, South Africa as a translator. When the conference ended, and goodbyes were spoken in hugs, she headed to the airport for the long flight back to the United States. She checked in, downed her coffee before the security check point, and eased herself into a chair outside of Gate 14. As African drums pulsed through her ear buds, she noticed the man next to her… and almost screamed. He was Tim Keller.

Over the course of the next four hours, she got to know Tim Keller. And I got a beautiful retelling of it all and a signed, not-yet-available-in-the-United-States copy of his new book, Generous Justice.

It is a gift that I will treasure; mostly because my friend, who in that moment of “star gazing,” found her life so patterned after the radical gospel of Jesus, she thought of others. (Phil. 2)


One thought on “surprise

  1. heatherbland says:

    That’s amazing! What a selfless, thoughtful friend. What an example of Jesus. Very, very cool.

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