Faith is often expressed as being blind, in fact antithetical to reason and perhaps unconfirmable. But, as Augustine once discerned, faith enables us to reason and to recognize various supporting evidences. Faith is a form of knowledge and works in concert with reason.

This weekend, I attempted to walk around Salem, MA as if I had never heard the Gospel or any Christian terminology. Just in case you haven’t read The Crucible, or heard of the Witchcraft Heights Elementary School, or the site of numerous public hangings called Gallows Hill, or the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, Salem is a very dark place. Especially on Halloween.

So last night, we walked around Salem. And my heart was burdened.

Without light, darkness was free from meaning.

Life apart from Christ was visible.

Distinguishing between real witches and dressed-up witches was impossible.

And Christ in me and Christ in those screaming from the corners, “God hates sinners,” was unimaginably classified.

My conclusion: so much of the Gospel is irrational and un-reason-able. It just doesn’t make sense. How do we explain to those who don’t know the Gospel that Jesus was God… and a man? Or that He died, descended into hell, and became sin? And oh yeah, btw, He is now alive.

Faith rests not on ignorance, but on knowledge.

And we can know God.


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