singleness – intro

Ludwig van Beethoven. Emily Dickinson. Henry David Thoreau.  Helen Keller. Oprah. The apostle Paul. Jane Austen. Henri Nouwen. Condoleezza Rice. Maureen Dowd.

What’s the common thread? A life of singleness.

False Assumption #1: If I am going to be single for the rest of my life, I will know that I am “called” to singleness.

This may be true in certain circumstances, but not most. And not mine.

In my thirty-nine years, I have never felt called to singleness. However, as I have wandered through life, balancing dating and ministry, dating and jobs, dating and friends, concentrating on God and who He has made me to be , I have slowly realized that singleness was (is) the best state in which to accomplish His purposes for me. The truth of the matter is: Marriage may be my calling tomorrow, but for today, it is singleness.

In the next few posts, I hope to unpack my mind, and still my soul, on the taboo topic of singleness. Stay tuned…


One thought on “singleness – intro

  1. heatherbland says:

    ooo. this is going to be good.
    no pressure.

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