singleness – joy

A couple of weeks ago, Teal and I chatted about my Taboo post. We laughed as we thought of how Christians (girls, especially) only talk about singleness within the confines of a small group bible study. Show up at 7:00, study the Word, and please pass the brownies because I’m struggling with my singleness.

“I’d really like a boyfriend.”

“I just wanna hang out with a guy.”

“I really want to be married.”

Based on our experiences, these honest confessions are frequent prayer requests, but nonexistent conversations.

Why is that? One reason: because it’s taboo, even among us singles. You know I’m single; I know you’re single; let’s not rub it in. We’d rather keep our eggshells.

False assumption #7: Talking about my singleness must mean I am discontent in my singleness.

For me, that couldn’t be more untrue. I love my life!

Opportunities – to be a friend, to be involved in the lives of other families, to encourage those who are my “significant others,” to carry burdens that aren’t mine, to mentor and love and participate in people’s lives – fill my day with immeasurable joy.

God has not only brought forth new life [1]; Christ is my very life [2]. My very single, very content life.

And I want to talk about that all day long.

[1] 2 Cor. 5:17

[2] Col. 3:4


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