singleness – these mysteries

Today I saw the sweetest thing. . .

From inside my office, Wendover Medical Center is my panorama. More specifically, the Center’s parking lot. Each day, I spend at least 20 minutes gazing out my window.  People fascinate me.  I learn so much as I watch their soundless actions. Kindness applied through an umbrella on a rainy day; Love displayed through the man who still opens the door for his wife; Selflessness of the 7 year old child who pushes the wheelchair of his mother.

This morning, I watched a disheveled guy put a note under the windshield wiper of a Honda Prelude. Nothing fancy.  No Hallmark card, just a page torn from his notebook, with a single red balloon attached. He secured the note and returned to his car, a few rows over.  To my surprise, he didn’t leave. He waited. And as if on cue, my heart began to dance. My thoughts went wild…

Maybe he is a friend, and it’s her birthday.

Maybe he was her boyfriend, who now seeks reconciliation. Coming after his true love. Finally, able to admit not only that he wants her, but needs her.

Maybe he is the brother who knows she needs this. One of her patients will be released today, and understanding his sister, he knows that she, despite the joy of healing, will grieve this patient’s absence in her day.

Maybe he wants to be her boyfriend. Maybe he wants to marry her.

His gesture, proof of his pursuit of her heart.

His waiting, manifestation of his heart’s peace.

His appearance, indication that he could not wait for the sun to rise.

His smile, knowledge that she’s the one he wants to spend his life with.

~ 6/30/2005

These mysteries cause me to dream of you more and more.

“I wait for the LORD. My soul does wait. And in his word, I hope.” (Psalm 130:5)


2 thoughts on “singleness – these mysteries

  1. Megs says:

    This is so sweet. But I was SO confused when I started reading. Ha! Me, the literalist.

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