singleness – today?

Do you ever wake up and think, Today I feel cute?

This is a rare thing for me. Most days there is some amount of distaste when I look in the mirror. I am, after all, a sinful, insecure female who wants to be a sexy 100 pounds. Not really, but hopefully, my point is clear.

But why today and not yesterday?

Maybe it’s my new sweet boots, my new cute sweater, or my new smokin’ skirt that clothes me today. (Thank you, Midnight Madness.)

Or perhaps it’s the excitement with which I got ready this morning for my breakfast date with Keri. (Love me some mentoring time at the Depot.)

Or the joy that overwhelms me when I can celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, SAtch!)

Or maybe it’s the absolute Disney-World-kind-of giddiness of going home to North Carolina in a few days. (14 days with people I love? Sliiiightly excited.)

Whatever the reason, I’m hoping today is the day. I’m so ready to meet him. And bonus! –  I’m lookin’ cute. 🙂


One thought on “singleness – today?

  1. Keri says:

    girl your always cute! I love spending time with you!

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