God’s heart for Israel

What is the present state of Israel?

75% Jewish; 17% Muslim; 4% Non-religious; 2% Christian; 2% Other and Baha’i

Israeli law states that national identity and religious identity of Jews are one. Secular Jews can become citizens; Christian Jews cannot.

What is the future of Jerusalem?

The world’s holiest city is probably also its most volatile flashpoint. Conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has resisted major international efforts to resolve it. The fundamental and seemingly irreconcilable differences between most Israelis and Arabs mean that any outbreak of serious conflict can embroil neighboring countries – especially Lebanon and Syria. Many feel that such a war is almost inevitable.

Will you pray for full legal rights of Christian Jews?

For the peace of Jerusalem?

For the unity between Messianic Jews and Arab Christians?

This is my Father’s world. Oh let me never forget.


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