God’s heart for Sudan

What is the present state of Sudan?

Population: 43 million people. Nearly half of the population is under age 18. 61% Muslim; 26% Christian; 11% Ethnoreligionist ; 2% Non-religious.

Children: Only 22% are enrolled in school. Only 1% of girls finish school. 70,000 street children in the north. 9,000 child soldiers.

Sudan has known only war for its entire modern history.

Darfur is a 21st century byword for tragedy.

Many consider the atrocities of Darfur to be racially-motivated genocide.

Massacres, mutilations, and destruction of villages, food, and water supplies are signatures of this region.

What is the future of Sudan?

The 2011 referendum on independence. A great article, In Sudan, an Election and a Beginning by Barack Obama.

Sudan’s leaders have aggressively imposed Islamic shari’a on the rest of the country and boasted of their role as leaders of the Islamic Revolution in Africa.

Shari’a law in the north and the impunity with which northern militias act help perpetuate the barbarism of slavery and abduction.

Will you pray that world leaders may prevail upon all involved to end this wickedness?

For the 2011 vote and peace agreement?

For the persecuted church?

For religious freedom to be established in Sudan?

This is my Father’s world. Oh let me never forget.


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