C is for Creation

“Too often the Old Testament is relegated to a few memory verses, which are usually cited with little understanding of the context. God is seen to be harsh and unforgiving. And isn’t He responsible for all of the bloodshed? It is my conviction that God in the Old Testament is not fully understood because we do not know the story. So this is my passion, to make known his story in the Bible.” ~ Dr. Carol Kaminski

After taking her class in the fall, it is now a passion of mine as well. I hope to teach this material next summer in a bible study for some younger women.

Kaminski uses an acronym as the “big picture” of the Old Testament: CASKET. Creation. Abraham. Sinai. Kings. Exile. Temple. Each word represents a specific period in the OT.


  • ? – 2150 BC
  • Elohim – every day term for God. The Hebrew word is actually plural, but the verbs are all singular. (He is a triune God!)
  • God creates the world
  • God alone is God
  • God creates humans in His image to fellowship with him
    • Creates humans in his image
    • Creates people to fellowship with Him
    • Provides boundaries for how we are to live
    • Gives humans free will to obey Him (tree)
    • Creates people to act as His representatives:
      • Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, and rule over it
      • Command to Adam and Noah
  • Adam = one person and corporate identity
    • OT shows that all people act as Adam did; all would have done the same thing in the Garden
  • Everything is good
  • Humans ruin it (Gen 3)
    • Biggest, most central problem in the OT = idolatry
    • Monologue with an idol; dialogue with a living God.
    • Serpent tempts them; tells the that they will become like God
    • Serpent denies the word of God: “you will surely not die.”
    • Eve is meant to help Adam keep the command. “Ezer” means warrior.
    • The question is not who is superior. The issue is the enemy is coming.
    • Adam and Eve want to be like God
    • Adam and Eve don’t trust God
    • Humans disobey God (eat apple from tree of knowledge)
    • Sin and Death enter the world – God said if you eat of it you will die
    • Humans become aware of their nakedness, try to cover up their sin and are now afraid of God
    • Humans continue to try to cover up their sin and build bridge to God – tower of Babel
  • Humans are banished from God’s presence
  • The ground and the serpent are CURSED; Adam and Eve are JUDGED
  • Murder and sin run rampant; God is saddened and wants to destroy world
    • Sends flood
    • God shows mercy
      • God does not destroy humanity or curse them directly
      • When sending flood, God preserves humanity despite evil of their hearts (Gen 9)
        • God has mercy on Noah because of faith not works
        • Favor precedes righteousness
        • Noah has to obey the command from God.
        • There is obedience to the voice of God.
        • This is pre-law.
        • It requires him to believe God before he sees any sign of rain!
        • He is declared righteous (7:1) after he has obeyed God.
  • God makes Noahic covenant to never again destroy the earth
  • Hope given in genealogies (Abraham in Shem’s line)
  • The law can not change the human heart.


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