S is for Sinai

  • 1450 – 1050 BC
  • Books: Exodus to Ruth
  • God is fulfilling His promises (from Abrahamic covenant)
    • Israel too many to count, mixed multitude
    • God delivers Israel from captivity to promised land
      • Calling of Moses as leader (Ex 3)
      • 10 plagues, culminating in death of firstborn (Ex 7-11)
      • Passover (Ex 12)
      • Parting of Red Sea (Ex 14)
      • Conquers promised land under Joshua
  • God re-establishes relationship
    • God reveals His name (Ex 3:14-15)
    • God reveals more about his character (Ex 34)
    • God’s presence once again with His people
      • Building of Tabernacle and filling of it with God’s presence (Ex 40)
      • Laws given so that a sinful people can live with a holy God (Lev)
      • Levites to minister; offerings for unintentional sins
      • God once again gives man a choice to obey Him
        • 10 Commandments (Ex 20 and Deut 5)
          • Top 2: shall have no other gods; shall not worship idols
  • Mosaic covenant (Ex 24) and renewal (Deut 5)
    • Conditional covenant
    • Exodus 24 – the people’s commitment: “all the words that the Lord has spoken, we will do.”
    • “Deutero” means 2nd. This is the 2nd giving of the Law because there are 2 generations now – 40 years of wandering.
    • The Law for the new generation.
    • The Mosaic covenant is the framework to understand the Kings and the Prophets. It is the blessings and curses that we see throughout.
  • Blessings and curses for obedience to covenant (Lev 26&27, Deut 27&28)
  • People agree to uphold God’s laws (Ex 24, Deut 5)
  • People once again disobey God and don’t trust Him
    • Golden calf (Ex 32 and 34) (1 of 4 Top OT events acc. to Dr. K)
    • People do not trust God and refused to go into promised land (Num 14)
    • People sleep with other gods (Num 25)
    • People worship idols of other nations (Judges 2)
    • People continuously fall away (cycle of Judges)
    • God still gives grace
      • Does not destroy Israel after Golden Calf
      • Blesses Israel when Balak tries to curse them through Balaam (Num 22-24)
      • God remembers Joshua and Caleb who have faith (Num 13)
      • God continuously raises up judges when Israel cries out even after they have fallen away from him
        • Leader/Judge dies -> Israelites serve idols -> God sends enemies to punish Israelites -> Israelites cry out to God  (they cry out but do not repent) -> God raises up judge to deliver people -> leader/judge dies
        • This cycle happens 12 times.
      • God foreshadows about line of kings that he will set up through genealogy (Ruth)
        • Ruth and Boaz have a son. He is the father of Jesse, the father of David.

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