God’s voice

What does the voice of God sound like?

The voice from heaven reported in Matthew 17:1-8 suggests that when we listen to Jesus, we hear the voice of God. The voice the disciples heard was understandable, and it directed them to listen to Jesus, the beloved son. It is not that difficult to read the words of Jesus. To listen to and obey those words is more demanding. As Christians , we share the good news that God can be heard, understood, and obeyed. We have Scriptures, nature, history, and the stories of our lives that speak God’s truth.

Further, we have the capacity to hear God’s voice deep within our own souls. Through the centuries, faithful listeners have discovered ways to sharpen their listening skills. Practices and disciplines increase our desire and capacity to be faithful to what we hear and know to be the voice of God. John Wesley called these practices means of grace, that is, practices that mediate God’s love, will, presence, and power.

~ Reuben Job, Guide to Prayer

What is one thing Jesus said that you want to listen to and obey today?


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