the recap

6:15am – birthday tradition: read Psalm 139

7:33 – texts from Tracy, even though she’s been so so sick with her pregnancy. Meant so much to me.

7:48 – JuBaby called

8:21 – text from my old boss, Steve

8:30 – card from Lita and Starbucks from Teal waiting on my desk

9:20 – delivery from Jeremy: a birthday “cake” made of daisies from JuBaby. Little known fact: daisies are my favorite.

9:45 – chapel service to celebrate the 175th birthday of A.J. Gordon. Totally stole my birthday thunder. So to make up for it, I told everyone that the enormous, 100-servings cake was really for me. Some believed. Others did not. (You know who you are.)

10:28 – text from Becky

11:00 – yummy goodies from Ross and Em.

12:10 – package from Heather. Lots of things in “40” – 1) cups of Caribou coffee, 2) reasons to run, 3) gifts that God has given me.

12:15pm – lunch at Chipotle with Megan, Teal, Sarah, Jenna, Brinn, Brittany, and Larry.

1:24 – text from Anna

1:36 – Meg called

1:45 – I got a puppy! And by “puppy” I mean flowers. How precious that the Barlow kids know how much I want a puppy and sent me flowers with a card that read, “this is supposed to be your puppy.”

2:15 – Aves called

3:00 – birthday song, card, and Teal’s peanut butter/chocolate cookies with the A-Team and Registration

3:30 – “If we were sitting around the Meinen’s table” encouragement from Matt. What a brother.

4:36 – tweet from Stevo

4:42 – tweet from Carey

5:27 – Daddy called

5:55 – Jeff called

6:45 – dinner at NYA Joe’s with Andene, Megan, and Teal. I love Girls Night Out on Jill Day!

6:57 – Heather called

8:28 – Jennifer called

8:38 – text from Brendan

8:45 – brownies and ice cream with Megan at my apartment

9:17 – TayReg called

9:25 – perused facebook with Megan. 97 notifications of videos and words from people I love. So fun!

9:42 – Almost DIED from laughter at Stevo & Susan’s video.

9:43 – Megan almost DIED from laughter at Stevo & Susan’s video.

9:49 – Em came over and she almost DIED from laughter at Stevo & Susan’s video.

It was an incredible day. There is so much to reflect on, it could almost burst my heart. Forty years I have lived. FORTY. While I do not feel old, I do feel I have had a long life. So many seasons and relationships and hair styles and trials and cars and hopes and fashion and ideas and joy. What an incredibly rich life.

The reason I love birthdays? Because I get to celebrate YOU. Even on my own birthday, the joy comes from knowing you, being able to celebrate with you, and looking ahead to more fun with you.

I would not – and could not – want for more. Thank you, friends, for making my life so fun, so rich, so evident of my God who loves me.


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