I enjoy outlining books almost as much as I enjoy reading them. I highlight, I underline, I star, I make smiley faces, I underline again, and I make comments in the margins. Whatever book I’m reading often begins to look like my journal. And I like that.

I hope you enjoy this outline of a chapter on evangelism…

  • The priority
    • The main concern: acceptance with God
    • The chief burden: 2,700 million unreached peoples
  • The definition
    • “Euangelion” – the good news
    • not recipients
    • not results
    • not methods
    • there is only one gospel.
    • Bible and gospel – alternative terms?
  • The events
    • Death / Burial / Resurrection / Appearance
    • All are real, historical, objective.
    • Significant events and saving events!
    • Acts 2, 3, and 5
  • The witnesses
    • The Old Testament
    • The uniquely-qualified apostles
    • Our responsibility today? Bear faithful witness to the one and only Christ
  • The affirmations
    • The word of the Lord is a word from and about God.
    • He is savior.
    • He is lord.
    • The absolute uniqueness of Jesus Christ.
  • The promises
    • The forgiveness of sins
    • The gift of the Holy Spirit
  • The demands
    • Repentance – Without repentance, there is no salvation.
    • Faith – believe in the Lord and you will be saved.
    • Saving faith = total submissive commitment to Jesus Christ.
  • The context
    • What precedes it – presence
    • What follows it – persuasion
    • In issuing the gospel invitation, we have no liberty to conceal the cost of discipleship. (Lausanne Covenant)
  • The results
    • Obedience to Christ
    • Incorporation into his church
    • Responsible service in his world

 ~ “Christian Mission in the Modern World” by John Stott


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