Theory #4: Blame the Marrieds

Singleness Theory #4: There will be Marrieds in your life who make your desire for marriage even stronger.

Not only has the Lord blessed me with friends, but He’s blessed me with married friends. Couples who model…

unedited honesty and outrageous fun…







service and forgiveness…







care and adventure…










sincerity and thoughtfulness…









joy and craziness…










enjoyment and laughter…









hospitality and thankfulness…








sacrifice and love…






So I blame you all for modeling love really well.

I’m so grateful for you and your marriages.


4 thoughts on “Theory #4: Blame the Marrieds

  1. Megs says:

    Thank you for loving us well.

  2. Brittany Y. says:

    You are so kind! We absolutely love having you in our life. And I echo Megs…thanks for loving us well!

  3. Kristen Scott says:

    We adore you. : ) Thank you for loving us!

  4. JennJenn says:

    Awhhh, hey, look… 🙂 Don’t feel like a do model it well but YOU do! Love you hooter elephants

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