new year, new church

Good things come to those who wait. It’s true.

Home (noun): the place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family or household. One’s dwelling, abode, or habitation.

I have lived in MA for three and a half years, and I now have a church home, Seven Mile Road.

Its name emerges from the story of the Emmaus Road. This road – where Jesus came alongside these guys in their quest to know the truth, where the huge realities of Jesus and His Gospel were heralded, where the Scriptures were illuminated, where grace was extended, where their eyes were opened, where these guys sprinted back down on a mission to tell others this amazing Gospel that had captured their souls – ran “seven miles from Jerusalem” to Emmaus.

Why this church?

– the centrality of Christ and His Gospel
– the intentional pursuit of spreading the Gospel by church planting
– the absence of bulletins and the presence of Scripture that leads our time
– the physical touch and faithful prayer over each child during the kids’ lesson
– the willing, enthusiastic complementarians who are challenging this successful, independent egalitarian to think theologically.
– the small groups, like the church, are planted in neighborhoods
– the hope of rich friendships, deep accountability, and gentle truth-telling.

Seven Mile Road: A place to dwell. Home.

I hope to stay awhile.


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