Happy Birthday, JuBaby!

Birthdays are full of wishes.

Not just when the candles are lit, but amidst each moment of anticipation throughout the day.

Who will call?

What will be in the mailbox?

How will I be surprised?

Today is my sister’s 36th birthday. Julie has been affectionately called, and known as, JuBaby for as long as I can remember because she’s the baby in our family. And so, when I think about Julie, I still picture her as a twelve year old. I think it’s because that’s when I left for college, so my memories seem to pause there. Time is weird in that way, and wishes throughout the years seem to vanish with the candles’ smoke.

But for my dear sissy this year, I wish…

I had more pictures of you like this…









I had your hip-hop skillz…







We could cheer on the Heels together tonight…







I am so thankful for you, JuBaby. You are beautiful, hilarious, compassionate, wonderfully DIY independent, elegant, and tenderhearted,

I love you.

P.S. Have fun roller skating! Reason #7,549 that you rock. 🙂


One thought on “Happy Birthday, JuBaby!

  1. jubaby3 says:

    Thank you Ji-Ji! I love you so incredibly much and am proud to have you as my sis! I challenge you on those hip-hop skills though…my sis bad! 🙂

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