101 things

A few months ago, my dear truth-teller Amy Cate made a list of 101 things she’d like to do in 1,001 days (a.k.a. the three years she will spend here in school). She inspired me to do the same.

1. Polar plunge on Thanksgiving night.
2. Tour England with my sister
3. Be at the finish line for one of Heather’s marathons.
4. Get married. Scratch that. Go on a date.
5. Learn to say no.
6. Get another tattoo. A Mockingjay?
7. Organize a women’s solitude retreat at that cool cabin in Lake Placid.
8. Meet Elizabeth Elliot.
9. Learn to knit. Possibly with Elizabeth Elliot.
10. Buy a grill. Cook often on it.
11. Tell the truth when people ask if I have a blog.
12. Take a decent family portrait.
13. Read one chapter in the Bible every day.
14. Go completely paperless with bills.
15. Become a member of a church.
16. Once a month, give in a non-tax deductible way.
17. Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture.
18. Take a photography class.
19. Read the Brothers K. Again.
20. Eat at a restaurant with “Lobster” in its title once a month.
21. Find a church to call home.
22. Stand next to Julie as her maid of honor.
23. Start the wave at Fenway Park.
24. Re-learn French to fluency.
25. Write another bible study.
26. Give money to my alma matter.
27. Read one book per month.
28. Go back to the DR on a mission trip
29. Stop subscribing to magazines.
30. Visit Rachel and Dave in Germany.
31. Live in a foreign country for at least a month. See #30.
32. Be intentional in mentoring young women in my church.
33. Visit/white water raft the Grand Canyon.
34. Learn to bake from scratch.
35. Wander around Boston without a map or GPS.
36. Go makeup-less one day per week.
37. Shower on Saturdays only if I’m going on a date.
38. Exercise consistently.
39. Invite and host my family to vacation on the North Shore.
40. Write an “I like you” note to someone once a week.
41. Visit Andene in MN.
42. Grow my own basil and mint leaves.
43. Pay off my student loans.
44. Throw fabulous seasonal parties: St. Patty’s Day, July 4th, etc.
45. Learn to play the guitar. Again.
46. Eat three meals that consist only of veggies once per week.
47. Fly home for one of my niece or nephew’s birthdays.
48. Practice the bizarre courtesy for left-turners here in MA.
49. Teach CASKET to someone younger than me.
50. Sing karaoke in a bar.
51. Care extra-less about other’s approval.
52. Learn my “design” via Dr. Adams’ methodology.
53. Learn to make sauces from scratch. Especially, curry and marinara.
54. See the Boston Celtics play in TD Garden.
55. Visit each of the American novelist’s homes here in MA.
56. Go skiing in VT.
57. Road trip not for the destination, but for the car time with a friend.
58. Go to The Gospel Coalition conference every year.
59. Have a spontaneous dance party.
60. Memorize the Red Line on the T.
61. Buy a fun party dress.
62. Read a news article per day online.
63. Be quick to tell people what I love about them.
64. Serve my housemates by cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, etc.
65. Discover the love languages of my Soul Care Group and love them well.
66. Purchase a membership to Crane Beach.
67. Cheer for strangers in the Boston Marathon.
68. Lose 15lbs. healthily.
69. Find a way to eat every meal for free on my birthday.
70. Ice skate on Frog Pond.
71. Listen to and encourage my team.
72. Audit a class every semester.
73. Talk to Dad once a week. Really share what’s going on, not just checking in.
74. Find a mentor here in MA.
75. Babysit for a family for free.
76. Be Katniss or Hermione for Halloween.
77. Camp out in my backyard this summer.
78. Watch a fun TV show with friends.
79. Pick apples at orchards in MA and VT.
80. Host a fire pit party.
81. Plant a tree in honor of Mom here in MA.
82. Build a good praise music library.
83. Ride a mechanical bull in Texas.
84. Learn to play chess.
85. Visit a winery. Walk through the vineyard.
86. Read every novel that has won a Pulitzer Prize in the Fiction Category.
87. Make a family tree. Give it to Dad.
88. Go to NYC to see the Christmas Tree Lighting.
89. Host a Young Life Campaigners reunion.
90. Own less.
91. Hang out with Heather on her or my actual birthday.
92. Join a book club at the library.
93. Advocate a redo wedding for Matt and Kristin on Today.
94. Stay connected to my lost cousins. Share the gospel with them.
95. Build a bench for my room and/or the backyard.
96. Start a women’s bible study.
97. Research the doctrine of women in ministry. Be refined by egalitarians.
98. Be a friend to a mom with young kids.
99. Ride my bike if the destination is less than 5 miles.
100. Drink more water. Give up DC altogether.
101. Win a Nobel Prize.


One thought on “101 things

  1. meg_hackman says:

    No no no #48
    Yes yes yes #86 we should make a blogging book club!

    I will help you write in for #93

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