Walk with me quiet, walk with me slow
with watered down coffee and words of gold
I can feel the edges of these things
when I hear you speak to me, so walk with me.

Walk with me empty, walk with me strong
the hush of our voices, when the day seems so long
It is like a balm, it is like a jewel
It unravels all I thought I knew.

Tell me the story, where old is made new,
the promise of ages, and all things that are true
When the shadows fall and the wrecking ball
swings and tears me through the heart.

Will you lead me, beside the still waters
where the oil, it runs over,
and my cup overflows.
You restore my soul.

* Thankful for friends who walk with me and remind me of His promises when the shadows fall.


One thought on “

  1. Avery Snipes says:

    like. identified with this.

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