Every car has a blind spot. Most likely, you have a memory associated with almost hitting someone because they were in your blind spot – or vice versa. Every year, an estimated 800,000 accidents related to blind spots occur. This statistic has caused many companies to create affordable gadgets to assist drivers in detecting a car that is in the blind spot: domed mirrors, LaneFX, dash-mounted displays, cameras, radar, and even thermal imaging, should you own a Volvo or Mercedes-Benz. However, despite the appeal and functionality of these gadgets, they still require you as the main detection system.

As a student of theology, I have blind spots.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I need right thinking about the true, living God.

But, in the cross, reason and experience are denied. We cannot understand God. His plans are ostensibly illogical. We can’t comprehend that God would send His own Son to the cross, to die in this horrific way, for us. He who was without sin became sin. It is profound foolishness.

But alas, this gives faith its assignment; and theology, its work. And so, I write…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. grace park says:

    hi jill,
    i’m a complete stranger. i really don’t know how i stumbled upon your blog- more likely through a series of chance clicks, but i really think it was god’s grace

    your posts are so incredibly encouraging. your writing really shows the overflow of your heart and i can see that you are a beautiful, beautiful woman of god. it’s hard for me to find older sisters to look up to, so i was so blessed to see you posting resources from keller, chan, nouwen, elliot, and all these other writers that i too cherish! i hope you don’t mind but i shared your blog with some of my church sisters and they too were blessed. please do keep posting and pressing on, you are an encouragement to our younger generation!

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